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Each of these beautiful Watercolour landscape DVD’s is a complete step-by-step project, designed to help you develop your watercolour skills and create paintings to be proud of. Packed with tips and information, they really do make structuring a picture and interpreting a photograph, much easier.

Each DVD lasts 25 minutes and costs just 3.50 or ,
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DVD 1: Barn in winter.
The perfect winter scene, capturing the glow of sunlight on snow and emphasising the importance of shadows.

DVD 2:  Lane in Norfolk.
Paint this richly coloured country lane under an atmospheric Norfolk sky, creating a real feeling of distance.

DVD 3: Autumn Lane.
Full of warm light and atmosphere, this one is perfect for learning the right formula for rich autumn shades




DVD images 010

5 Derwent Water

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DVD 4: West Coast of Scotland
** SOLD OUT **

Capture the beauty of moody storm clouds over a rocky Scottish seascape with convincing foreground rocks.

DVD 5: On Derwent Water.
A beached boat on the lake shore with faraway hills, creating a real feeling of depth and distance.

DVD 6: Borrowdale.
** SOLD OUT **
A tranquil Lake District scene, showing you how to capture reflections in water & create a magical focal point.







DVD 7 Paint a bluebell wood

DVD 8 Cley Mill, Norfolk


DVD No 7 Paint a Bluebell Wood.
Follow Geoff's stage by stage instructions to paint this beautiful woodland scene infused with light and vibrant spring colour.

DVD No 8 Cley Mill, Norfolk.
** SOLD OUT **

A beautiful Norfolk Windmill, under a summer sky. Learn how to simplify what at first appear to be quite daunting and complex shapes, whilst still retaining a sense of spontaneity.

DVD No 9 Farmhouse in Borrowdale
** SOLD OUT **
Paint this charming Cumbrian Farmhouse, set in the valley of Borrowdale, with its breathtaking backdrop of mountainous countryside in watercolour





DVD11 Rustic Barn Improvers

packhorse bridge no 12

DVD No 10 Snow in the Peak District
** SOLD OUT **
How to paint a crisp fall of snow on a pretty cottage in the Peak District.
Just because it is a snow-scene it doesn't have to make you feel cold. See how a warm glow is achieved by careful use of colour.

DVD No 11 Rustic Barn
** SOLD OUT **
Recreate this scene featuring a quaint rustic barn in a sleepy rural village.

Learn to paint shadows that emit a warm glow and add that vital element of perspective to the picture.

DVD No 12 Packhorse Bridge
** SOLD OUT **
A great subject for learning how to depict rustic stonework and sunlit foliage. Also how to tackle the often tricky problem of reflections in water.







DVD No 13 Below Millstone Edge
** SOLD OUT **
A great subject, so typical of the Peak District.  Learn to tackle the quite tricky elliptical shapes of the millstones, lying beside a winding footpath.

DVD No 14
Footbridge in Beresford Dale

** SOLD OUT ** Again a typical Derbyshire scene, simplified to help you get to the main challenges of the subject like the structure of the footbridge and the rushing water.

DVD No 15 Rustic Ruin
** SOLD OUT **
Good use of light, colour and shadow in this subject.
Learn the importance of suggesting the detail of the weathered stonework, and how the play of light and shade can make it appear three dimensional.







DVD No 16 Willow by the Stream
This DVD looks at the underlying structure of the tree; painted in April, with just a hint of new spring growth.
It also looks at how to make reflections in water look convincing.

DVD No 17
The road from Stanton Lees
** SOLD OUT ** 
When I came across this scene I was immediately struck by the shape of the tall, ivy-clad tree which dominates the scene.  I have also used it as an opportunity to explore the use of body colour.

DVD No 18 Oak Trees
** SOLD OUT ** 
On a summer walk I came across these beautiful old oaks, immediately recognising that they would make an excellent subject.
I particularly liked the shape of the exposed roots and the way the positioning of the two main trees leads the eye to the gate and stile.




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