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These watercolour paints will help to give your work a bright fresh glow. The large 14ml tubes combine excellent quality pigments with fantastic value for money.

The huge array of colours now available to artists can be a bit intimidating and confusing, so here I have included my favourite colours.

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When you have ordered your paints, I suggest you have a look at my tips on using a palette and the practicalities of keeping paints separate.


5.15 per tube


1 Opaque White

Excellent for a few finishing touches particularly to winter scenes.


2 Viridian

A rich emerald shade, perfect for mixing into rich dark greens.


3 Light Red

A very versatile red, useful for making warm and cool greys


4 French Ultramarine

An excellent ingredient for rich darks and warm purples


5 Cobalt Blue

My favourite blue, particularly for skies.


6 Cerulean Blue

Blues and greys for skies.


7 Alizarin Crimson

A rich very powerful crimson.


8 Rose Madder

A warm gentle crimson, ideal for skies when mixed with cobalt blue and cerulean blue.


9 Vermilion Hue

Perfect for that touch of bright red as a contrast.


10 Translucent Grey

Ideal for skies and cloud shadows. The only grey I use directly from the tube.


11 Warm Sepia

A rich dark for stormy skies, and dark browns.


12 Burnt Umber Dark

Good for rendering deep winter darks like undergrowth branches/twigs etc.


13 Burnt Sienna

A rich red/brown, great for Autumn colours and for introducing a touch of warmth to pictures.


14 Raw Sienna

I don’t think I have ever done a painting without this versatile colour and burnt sienna.


15 Aureolin

A transparent yellow, perfect for mixing a whole range of greens.


16 Cadmium Yellow

A strong warm yellow.


17 Lemon Yellow

A very bright yellow that gives bright spring greens and autumn colours.


18 Naples Yellow

An opaque creamy colour, very good for skies, sand and stonework.


19 Quinacridone Gold
New colour for 2014

A rich, warm, very transparent yellow/orange colour, ideal for Autumn scenes and for adding a touch of relief in a scene dominated by green. It can also be used to make an excellent range of browns.


20 Cobalt Violet Hue
New colour for 2014

This colour makes a subtle warm purple shade when added to Cobalt Blue, useful for skies, and shadows. It also makes an excellent range of greys, particularly green/greys when mixed with Viridian.


21 Primrose Yellow
New colour for 2014

This colour is similar to Lemon Yellow or Cadmium Lemon, but is less acid. It is ideal for small areas of detail, particularly if you need an opaque colour on a dark background.


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