The Geoff Kersey Palette

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I always like to keep fresh paint separate from mixed paint to help to create a clean, fresh feel to my work; so with this in mind I have developed a palette to include small wells around the outside to hold your fresh paint and larger wells in the centre for mixing colours


Price 11.00



I have also included a layer of sponge like material which will keep your paint moist between painting sessions. Because the lid (which also acts as a mixing area) fits tightly, your paint will remain moist and soft for at least a couple of weeks.


 Overall size 14” x 8.5” with 15 trays for fresh paint and 6 deep mixing wells plus a further 6 mixing areas in the lid.

ALSO AVAILABLE : Watercolour Palette      Sponge refill pack,

Contains 2 sponge pieces



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